“The Witch’s Glove” brings to life the brings family to the forefront of the mystery. Family comes first for Sadie Lee Branch because family came through for her when times were at their worst. Now, it was time for her to be there for her family when she was needed the most. For an investigative reporter like Sadie, coming home to spend time at the family nursery was supposed to be relaxing. However, great plans often go awry. Murder, Larceny and betrayl were merely the opening salvos in what was supposed to be a vacation. She could only hope that what followed would not get her family or the many she loved killed. Deadly things come in pretty packages and they often don’t leave a clue. It was the instincts of a good reporter that got the police interested. Hopefully it would be soon enough to stop it from happening again. Without knowing who to trust, the girl that got away was afraid that coming back could cost her a lot more than the loss of an old acquaintance. It could cost her everything.

“Through the Eyes of Death” approaches the murder mystery genre from both the perspective of the protagonist and through the eyes and mind of a madman. The story is about people who believe that with enough money and a total lack of scruples, you can get away with murder.
Heroes, real heroes, seldom want to save the day. They didn’t start out thinking they would save the girl, take down the bad guy and get it done before breakfast. Those heroes are for the movies or cheesy mystery novels. That isn’t Ben Simeon. This small town cop had already fought his battles while serving his country. He already won his medals and no longer wanted to play the part. He longed for peace and quiet. He longed for his wife and daughter to be home when he got there. So many times he wished for these wonderful parts of his past. But they were gone. He would never again see his beautiful wife or hold his precious child. That was the past. That is what made this man a hero. His family. If he couldn’t have them, he just wanted to be left alone to do his job. Fortune makes a hero. And whether he liked it or not, Detective Benjamin Simeon would once again be forced to take up the badge of honor and fight until order was restored.

Connections-Book-Cover1-150x150What she has, science will tell you is impossible. What she does, religion will refute. Who she is, Tristan Elizabeth Badger will deny. Tristan came to Carmel Valley, California to get away from the psychiatrists and the military think tanks in order to be…ordinary. From the time she was a child, her mind refused to act like other children. As a young deputy with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department, she wanted nothing more than to live in peace and never again deal with those who visited unannounced. But, fate has a way of dragging us where we are needed. A killer wants revenge. The one he hates the most will have to suffer the greatest iniquities. For practice, others like her will be used in torturous practice for him to gain the finest skills necessary to sustain her suffering for as long as possible. Each time he fails, he stuffs the remains inside an old refrigerator and disposes of the bodies where the odds of their discovery are as remote as the locations he chooses. In spite of her desires, the ghosts of her past will come and lead her where her dreams have already been painted. She will traverse the land of the Esselen Tribes. She will enter their sacred caverns. She will learn that in order to look to the future, she must first explore and then conquer the past. In time, the ghosts will lead her home. With their guidance, she will learn that all things are sacred. Together, they will finally lock…The Devil’s Door.

castlegrey1-e1380564990731-150x150There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. The home of such a man existed a hundred years ago. A rich, egotistical, megalomaniac built it and used it for science as well as pleasure. Now his great-grandson has returned to re-establish the family’s traditions. Seven women are dead because of the curse of Castle Grey.

Tall, beautiful and intelligent, Special Agent Katherine Katt of the FBI was sent to Monterey, CA to find the man responsible for the murders of those seven women.

Detective Mickey (Mouse) James, of the Sacramento Police, was sent in an attempt to hide from the Mexican Cartel and to keep himself from getting killed.

Oil and water is how you would describe their relationship. Katt is a good agent being held back from how she sees herself in the Bureau. James is a bully with an attitude. Castle Grey is their first attempt together to get their lives and careers back on track.

Long-Shot-Cover-150x150Once again, FBI Agent Katherine Katt and Detective Mickey (Mouse) James are thrown together in a battle of wits and wills as a city’s lawmakers are being murdered one at a time. As a matter of duty, Katt is called in to figure out who could do such a thing. James’ purpose is more personal. His cousin is the only survivor and he’s there to make sure the killer doesn’t finish what he started. In order to succeed, Katt and Mouse seek the help of someone even more dangerous than the person they are hunting. What they don’t know is whether he’s there to help or is he just using them to finish off what he already started.

securedownload1-e1380565222476-150x150When his longtime friend is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit, Detective Adam Shaw has to go outside normal channels to get the help he needs. There’s a rat in the department and he can’t use anyone he would normally trust to solve a crime. The line between trusted friends and sworn enemies blurs; the black and white world of Shaw’s life suddenly shifts to gray.
Turning to an unorthodox PI buddy who solicits the help of a lesbian co-worker, who gets help from a dominatrix girlfriend, who uses the inside track of her submissive, transvestite, police bureaucrat, they search to find the truth. Together, these social eccentrics help Shaw discover the evidence necessary to solve the murder and the dirty cops on the force. Shaw discovers friends he never knew and enemies he thought to be friends.
What he also finds is that trust and loyalty can blind a man and kill the innocent.

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