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Deliver Us From Evil – David Baldacci


David Baldacci writes a great suspense novel and Deliver Us from Evil will not dissapoint. A little James Bond-ish and a whole lot of suspense will take you from page to page and the ending will not leave you with anything less than a desire for more.

Shaw is a hard-nosed, hard-ass with uncompromising character traits and needs to bring down Waller, a really bad guy who makes a living by sell young girls to the highest bidder.

Reggie Campian wants Waller too, but for different reasons and a more permanent solution.

Waller isn’t dumb and taking him down won’t be as easy as either believe.

If you like suspense and action, you’ll like this novel a lot.


Atticus for the Undead

Most of the time when I read new authors, I find the work wanting. The material is either a slight twist on an old theme or in some way contrived. And frankly, when I agreed to read Atticus for the Undead, by John Abramowitz, my expectations were not high. It wasn’t because of experience, I had never heard of him. It was because I don’t usually read material involving zombies, witches and other such clasic works.

Reluctantly, I started and quickly found myself captured by the characters and the concept envisioned by the author. The lead character, Hunter Weldon, is a sharp, idealistic attorney fending for the rights of the undead. His team is full of color and together, they fight the good fight; even if it’s for those capable of sucking your blood or brains.

I rated this book 4 stars out of 5. I would have given it five stars had it not ended too soon.

My suggestion to anyone looking for a good, entertaining read that will make you smile and provide a new look at an old story line, try it out. You will be glad you did.


You can read more about it here and buy a copy while you are at it. Enjoy

Distortion by Lucie Smoker

Every author has a perspective on how to write a novel. I know that because over the years I’ve been searching for my own way to write. As I evolved, my writing became more of the writer I wanted to be and clearer in the ways I present my stories.

Distortion by Lucie Smoker is an interesting compilation of ideas that kept me interested and curious. The main protagonist, female artist, Adele Proust, is vulnerable and grows throughout the story beautifully. In the end, she is a legitimate hero.

The story is one that is both plausible and well-conceived. I liked it from beginning to end.

There have been few books that are perfect in construction and this one, though good, has a few flaws, but not enough to keep me from buying the next book Ms. Smoker writes.

If I am to be honest and fair, I would ask her to not try so hard to confuse the reader and to make sure the change of scenes are better defined.

I would recommend this mystery to anyone looking for a good story that keeps you guessing.


Behind Closed Doors by J.J. Marsh

Who would have thought that an idea designed to help others would actually be so beneficial to me? I wrote a few weeks ago that I would start reading and paying for other new author’s books with the quest of getting to know me: new to the cause and trying to build an audience. I don’t want them to be given to me so that my reviews would not be influenced. Genius if I do say so myself.

Behind Closed Doors by J.J. Marsh was able to do prove to me that there are great books to be read that don’t require our need to support the known names only.

The story begins in Europe and takes no time at all to get the reader involved with the main character, Beatrice Stubbs. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting a Beatrice Stubbs character to be engaging and interesting. However, the woman was both intellectual and vulnerable and the story wove into something worth reading.

I also found it a good read because JJ Marsh was smart enough to make sure that the book was well edited and had the kind of “change of scenes” that readers have come to expect from the better authors. It was worth the price and I am looking forward to seeing where the next story by Ms. Marsh takes me.

I would suggest you readers out there who are looking for good work, well edited and gripping stories, to give JJ Marsh and her book, Behind Closed Doors the look she deserves.

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