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Writing As An Art

For the last 15 years I have been writing for the pleasure of sharing my thoughts in the form of mystery/suspense novels. During that time, I have learned a thing or two that I hope will help me continue that work for years to come. Now, I want to share these thoughts with other writers that are interested in learning from my mistakes and successes. Soon, I will be putting together a newsletter that will be exclusive to those that are interested in what it takes to be a writer and what is new in the world of L.C. Wright the author.

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L.C. Wright

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Doing the Traditional – vs- Self-Publishing Dance

I just recently published my fifth murder book, Through the Eyes of Death. As such, I got to thinking about all of the people out there that are now where I was several years ago when I tried to decide whether I should work with an agent and go the traditional route of getting published or should I self-publish and get my work out there sooner.

From a personal perspective, I wanted to do things the old fashion way. I’m an old fashion kinda guy. Actually, I’m just an old guy and don’t like dealing with computers. Anyway, that’s what I did. I went for the traditional method and got an education not soon to be forgotten.

Here’s the deal. If I had the choice and could get what I wanted out of it, I would more than likely have stayed the course with my agent. I would prefer having people looking out for my best interest, making sure that the editing of my work was done to perfection and gladly given up the lion’s share of the earnings to get published through the traditional method of publishing.

The truth is, at least from my perspective, agents are too busy to focus on me. I’m a great story teller and write great mysteries. I didn’t want to be the person that wrote my books, edited (or paid to have edited) my books, find an artist to do the covers, format my books, publish my books and then after everything else, market my books. I didn’t want that. I just want to write, tell my stories and then move on to the next one.

I worked five years getting an agent and then waiting for my agent to get my books in the hands of the publishers. Five years that I could have been working toward getting more of my stories out to the public.
It was a learning experience that I’m grateful for, but wouldn’t recommend.

There are very few James Patterson’s and Dean Koontz’s in the world. You may be one of them and for that I will say, go for it. For the rest of us, I say, take care of yourself and get busy writing and creating something for the world to see.

L.C. Wright is an author of mystery/suspense/thriller novels. His focus is writing his Katt and Mouse Mystery series and his Connections series. Below is a list of his work.

Through the Eyes of Death

Connections – The Devil’s Door

Castle Grey – A Katt and Mouse Mystery

Long Shot – A Katt and Mouse Mystery

Monterey Madness – Mr. One Pocket

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In the beginning…There was Blog

I have been around computers for longer than many of you have been alive. I bought my first computer back in 1978. It was a TRS 80. (That’s Tandy/Radio Shack) It had an 8″ floppy disk; which was back when floppy disks were actually floppy. It had no hard drive. We didn’t even know what hard drives were at that time. And the only thing you could use is for was calculation and spreadsheets. Sometime later, I purchased a Apple IIe with two 5 1/4″ floppy disks (still no hard drive) and thought I has somehow won the lottery of new educational and business devices.

Now, all these years later, I sit at my desk and seldom remember the simplistic nature of the computers gone by. Back then, computer were mesmerizing. They were instruments of possibilities. They were hope for the future. They brought joy to an otherwise drab existence. They were a blessing.

As I rummage through my mind, I don’t remember the first time I heard the word blogger. I didn’t know what a blog was or even why anyone would want to do it. Now, it’s an important part of my existence. Without blogs, how could i reach people like you all over the world? How would you know that I write mystery novels and that they are really entertaining? Everything that we used to take for granted has passed and we must now embrace this new world of communication and the methods by which it will be done.

I don’t know what the future holds, but i do know that whatever new methods developed, I will be a part of it.

I ask that you read my blogs and check out my books. After all, if I didn’t tell you about them, how would you know that they are great works of art.

L.C. Wright, author


Castle Grey – A Katt and Mouse Mystery: For the Kindle version, click here. Paperback, here.

Long Shot – A Katt and Mouse Mystery: For Kindle version, click here. Paperback, here.

Connections – The Devil’s Door: For the Kindle version, click here. Paperback, here.





Leaving Obscurity to Become a Recognized Name, Part 1

Now that my forth book has been published, and modest sales to show for the effort, I’ve finally decided that it was time for me to get real and make the efforts necessary to get the word out…my mystery novels are great!

The following are some of the steps I have taken to get the word out and some of the challenges I’ve had to overcome my lack of “status” in the book-selling circles. Please don’t get me wrong, I’ve done nothing to deserve recognition. Remember, having four books published doesn’t count for anything when the people you are trying to impress deal with authors everyday. You’re just another author to them and not one they recognize.

So now that I’ve cut apart all respect and dignity, how about it if I get to what this article is all about: Leaving obscurity to become a recognized name. 

My path is not unlike most of you. I was/am good at my career. I’ve been involved in the financial services industry for over thirty-five years and focused on it well enough to make a pretty good living at it. When I started writing, I had no delusions of grandeur, thinking I would make a fortune from my first novel. I simply wanted to write great stories.

Now, I’m finding that being a great author isn’t enough. I now want to become a successful author. And to be that, I have to get people out there to buy and read my books.

I’m starting this as a blog. I will talk about what I’m doing and in time, I hope that you will also share what you are doing as well.

So let’s get started:

For me, since I didn’t know anybody, I had to start by doing a lot of self promoting and introductions. I had business cards made up with a P.O. Box address and made my introductions short. I didn’t try to sell my books at that time because most people are wary of the “pitch” and won’t be receptive. During this phase, it’s a numbers game. Get as many introduction as you can, wherever you can. Once they know you, even vaguely, they will be more receptive to you.

Like most authors, I started out by doing the occasional book signing. I didn’t know that only doing one here and there wouldn’t be enough.  But now I see things differently.

As such, I am attempting to set up my very first book tour this summer. It will still be a local tour (two counties in California) and will still be considered small time by those that are renowned in the book community, but for me, it’s a step up in the world. Hopefully, with the contacts I make during these events and the information I gather, I will grow and will share the information with you and hope you share with the rest of us as well.

To make this special, I am talking to newspaper columnists, TV stations and even have the ear of one of the local radio stations. This is an event that they are going to let the community know about and hopefully will draw enough attention to bring people who would not necessarily go to such a thing.

Please comment on your thoughts about my plans and share your own experiences. I will let you know how thing go during this process.



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