Castle Grey Book Reviews

Castle Grey Book Reviews

There are times when we sometimes need a little push in the right direction. I decided to post some of the reviews that have been posted for Castle Grey. Thanks for checking them out.


Start this one when you have lots of time to finish., March 13, 2013



Start this book when you have lots of time to read as you will find yourself wanting to continue to see what happens next. Fast paced with two story lines, humor, an interesting and likable strong woman lead and great twist at the end.

Good banter, sexy leads October 28, 2012

      Despite an occasional cliche in the plot, the characters are likable and and there’s good banter between the leads, an ambitious female FBI agent and a hardened male cop who have teamed up to find a serial killer.I was amused when the sexist attitudes of the mostly male officers are shot down by a smart and (of course) beautiful woman. If anything, I would have preferred another strong female lead, but otherwise it’s a good thriller with two sexy protagonists.
what a ride !!! November 16, 2012

      Great read. Lots of suspense, subplots, humor and very interesting characters. Love the banter between Katt and Mouse. The end will blow you away!! Did not see that coming.Excellent. So looking forward to the next one. Big thanks.
Bravo, November 14, 2012

( Author ) Kim Cormack (British Columbia ,Cananda)

A titillating read with a build of tension between the characters. A lot of intriguing twists and turns. I loved it and you will too. Love the plot bravo.

exciting and amusing, November 5, 2012


Found the story entertaining, fast paced and at times amusing. Surprise ending to this who-done-it. I’m looking forward to more adventures with Katt and Mouse. The sparks fly between them!

A Great Page Turner, October 31, 2012

Jan J. Valtr “Naj Rtlav” (Pebble Beach CA) –
      I could not put this book down as I feared more diabolical events as the characters traveled from Monterey to Sacramento and back again. Weaving in and out of two different vicious scernarios the author keeps the reader in suspense up to and during the surprise ending.

I look forward to the next adventure with the main characters, Katt and Mouse, who taunt each other continuously even after
revealing warm feelings for one another.


So what’s the use of bragging about my reviews if you can’t easily get a copy. To get your copy of Castle Grey – A Katt and Mouse Mystery, click here (Kindle) or here (paperback). Thanks

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